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Using GoCompliance: A step-by-step guide

Find your item

Every compliance process starts with identifying products that require regulatory compliance. These items can be found in legacy PLM or compliance systems and are pushed to GoCompliance.


Send a compliance request to the supplier

Choose the regulation for which compliance information is required.

Decide the type of declaration or format in which information is required.

Check the supplier contact details and send the declaration to the suppliers.


Recieve regulatory information

The supplier, after logging in through the dedicated GoCompliance supplier portal, provides all requested information and sends it to the compliance manager.

Alternatively, the compliance manager can populate, copy or withdraw all declaration requests sent to the supplier or just declare the compliance themselves.


Approve or reject the regulatory information

The compliance manager can approve or reject the information provided in the declaration by the supplier.


Find all your regulatory information in one place

With the new compliance information, the GoCompliance platform performs roll-ups and provides the manager with compliance statuses for the item which can also be pushed to the PLM source system


Need further analysis?

To analyze the compliance information, BOM, AML, Full Material Compliance, Template, and FMD Reports can be generated and exported.

Full Matreial Compliance OR FMD Report.png
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