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High Tech Manufacturing

Need for Compliance Management in the High-Tech Industry


The High Tech Manufacturing industry is at the forefront of cyber security and information technology risk management. Customers expect technology companies to understand and implement cutting-edge solutions, whereas expanding government regulation and industry standards impose an increased high-tech compliance burden on the sector. Due to a lack of staff, time, and financial resources, the high-tech industry may be unable to effectively address proactive compliance requirements.

Tackle the Needs of Risk and Compliance Management of the High Tech Manufacturing industry 

GoCompliance enables technology organizations to rapidly and successfully match compliance and risk management processes inside the platform with their current business operations.

  • It enables the centralization of compliance paperwork and other data for easy access. It is compatible with a variety of regulations and standards, including REACH & RoHS.

  • Undertakes the process of due diligence concerning the compliance of the client’s existing products and new product designs. 

  • Our Cloud-enabled compliance support system serves as a stepping stone for if and when the enterprise decides to completely migrate from Agile to Oracle Cloud PLM to further accelerate the innovation of communication technology worldwide.

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