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User Roles in GoCompliance

When GoCompliance is integrated with Agile PLM, Oracle PLM Cloud or through custom log-in, there are four roles: the Compliance Manager, the Supplier, the Read-only user, and the Admin.

Compliance Manager

The compliance manager obtains or provides information relating the parts to their current compliance status so that business decisions may be made if the parts are found to be non-compliant with stated/required regulations.

They can carry out different functionalities in GoCompliance that allow them to oversee the compliance status of the smallest level of a particular part. More specifically, they are able to:

  • Search for an item to view its parts, class, mass, lifecycle phase, Approved Manufacturer List (AML), and compliance statuses 

  • Search and create substances, substance groups, specifications, exemptions, and smelters

  • Create declarations

  • Create, view, and withdraw all declaration requests sent to the Supplier

  •  Declare compliance, as well as copy it

  • Approve or reject the information provided in the declaration by the supplier

  • Export the material declarations IPC 1752A Class D and IPC 1752A Class D (All AML) in a .xml format

  • Generate BOM, AML and Full Material Compliance reports 


Admins can add, update, edit, and remove users from GoCompliance.

Read Only users

Read-only managers can view different sections in GoCompliance, barring declarations and jobs, but they cannot make any changes.


The supplier provides the completed part declaration.  To do this, they fill in the requested data (e.g., substance composition, substance presence) in the declarations assigned to them by the compliance manager.

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