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Adherence to compliance ensures that there is evidence that the product satisfies the essential requirements outlined in directives, regulations, and harmonized standards. Industry-specific regulations knowledge and the ability to capture and analyze large volumes of data are critical to ensuring the safety and compliance of products.

Proactive understanding of requirements and analysis saves time & money and minimizes potential risks. 

Industries must ensure regulatory compliance at all stages of product development from testing, storage, labeling, packaging, and product claims. It takes a lot of time and money, but it is absolutely necessary because errors in compliance can have a significant financial and reputational impact on the product value.


With proper compliance software solutions in place, industries can achieve the following:


  • Stay organized and streamline compliance data

  • Remain updated and compliant with international requirements

  • Ensure effective supply management

  • Reduce time-to-market by streamlining compliance checks

High Tech Manufacturing

Need for Compliance Management in the High-Tech Industry


The High Tech Manufacturing industry is at the forefront of cyber security and information technology risk management. Customers expect technology companies to understand and implement cutting-edge solutions, whereas expanding government regulation and industry standards impose an increased high-tech compliance burden on the sector. Due to a lack of staff, time, and financial resources, the high-tech industry may be unable to effectively address proactive compliance requirements.

Tackle the Needs of Risk and Compliance Management of the High Tech Manufacturing industry 

gocompliance enables technology organizations to rapidly and successfully match compliance and risk management processes inside the platform with their current business operations.

  • It enables the centralization of compliance paperwork and other data for easy access. It is compatible with a variety of regulations and standards, including REACH & RoHS.

  • Undertakes the process of due diligence concerning the compliance of the client’s existing products and new product designs. 

  • Our Cloud-enabled compliance support system serves as a stepping stone for if and when the enterprise decides to completely migrate from Agile to Oracle Cloud PLM to further accelerate the innovation of communication technology worldwide.


Life Sciences

Struggle to understand an increasingly complex & ever-changing regulatory compliance landscape


Life Sciences industries often struggle to understand the full scope of the compliance risk landscape. Getting a single perspective of overall compliance health or an enterprise-wide view of compliance risk is often challenging.


Risks are no longer contained inside businesses' separate divisions and operations. Organizations are increasingly seeking holistic solutions in response to regulatory challenges and customer requests for enhanced openness. 


Constantly changing regulatory demands, inconsistency between regulatory bodies in different regions and the changing the focus of compliance mid-way inspection are some of the main factors that can be challenging for the compliance industry.

A Holistic & Efficient Solution For the Life Sciences Enterprise

gocompliance enables life science organizations to employ transparent working techniques, ensuring that internal procedures are constantly available in one place for review and comply with requirements.

Reliable, credible due diligence that reaches deeply into your supplier chain and protects you against litigation and reputational harm prior to their impact on your supply chain to mitigate risk and save money.


Spacecraft in Orbit

Semiconductor Industry

Product Data & Safety


Now more than ever, environmental compliance management, verification, and sustainability are important to the lifespan of any semiconductor device. While the hazards of routinely used compounds are well established, innovation usually results in the adoption of new substances with unknown qualities. Moreover, timelines for product development are tight, and there is tremendous competition, which complicates potential hazards.  Also, the arduous effort of following up with suppliers and partners to get correct supplier declaration data may be a key part of the difficulty.

Solving the Compliance Needs for the Semiconductor Industry


Fortunately, gocompliance is a solution for semiconductor enterprise substance compliance and sustainability requirements. By enabling the semiconductor industry to effectively detect, report, and design compounds of concern, it eliminates duplication and expedites the process of collecting supplier material declaration data and traceability.


Some of the critical elements that gocompliance provides to manufacturers to accomplish their objectives of compliance while remaining focused on their core business are:

  • Automating the process of obtaining, collecting, and validating supplier data in order to eliminate mistakes and shorten cycle times

  • Updating the system whenever a new design standard or specification is published, ensuring that the system is aware of these changes.​

  • Examining the effects of a component change on the complete product line.

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