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GoCompliance vs Assent Compliance Platform

Comparing Regulatory Assessment Services between GoCompliance & Assent Compliance Platform

Great products require innovation, strong product development plans, and a mature commercialization strategy but without complying with mandatory regulations, not even great products can make it to the market. Market acceptance of the product is severely reliant on product compliance and with several compliance solutions in the market, it is difficult to choose one according to your requirements. We explore two solutions: GoCompliance and Assent Compliance Platform, and will discuss the features supported by each. 

What are some product compliance requirements?

  • RoHS compliance

  • California Proposition 65

  • REACH compliance

  • Conflict Minerals compliance

How do these tools provide compliance reporting & compliance planning?

Both tools provide reporting capabilities with Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT) and also have the option to build custom reports. We explore the details in the table below:

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