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Data Migration Strategy

How do we migrate your data?


Steps in Data Migration

  1. GoCompliance and compliance data are extracted from the customer’s systems. The entities include all information pertaining to items, MPNs, BOM, and AMLs.

  2. The extracted compliance data is cleansed, merged, formatted, transformed, as required, and validated by us and the customer according to what is finalized.

  3. Conversion reviews are carried out before the data is loaded into GoCompliance — reconciliation and validation checks are performed to minimize any discrepancies and possible rejections pointed out in the preceding reviews. 

  4. Once the compliance data has been verified and merged, it is imported into GoCompliance by us using customer-filled templates and the environment is ready to be used by the customer.

  5. The ongoing process of pushing data related to compliance statuses of items and MPNs to the customer’s source system is performed by us.

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