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Product Compliance for Oracle PLM

REACH, RoHS, Prop65, and others

 Following a solid compliance framework enables businesses to stay on top of:

Ever-changing regulations
Safe products for consumers
Protecting the environment
Preventing bans & fines

Why GoCompliance?

With our compliance solution, GoCompliance, companies can address the ever-changing compliance requirements in the market by providing a holistic approach and critical collaboration to ensure safer products for consumers. This includes:

  • Superior data management for data-driven decision making

  • Comprehensive analytics to stay on top of potential issues and opportunities

  • Seamless integration with Oracle PLM Cloud and Oracle Agile PLM

  • Improved validation workflows to increase efficiency for users and suppliers

  • Mass imports

  • Maximum security

  • Accelerated time to market

  • Productivity growth


How does
GoCompliance work?

Requestors identify items that must comply with certain specifications. As the route for approval is initiated, compliance managers review all the regulatory requirements for the item and create declaration requests in GoCompliance which are forwarded to the suppliers of the parts. 

Suppliers can view these declarations in the GoCompliance portal that is designated for them. They fill out the declaration request with all the required information and send it back to compliance managers for validation & approval.

If a declaration is approved, the system rolls up the compliance information, as required. Otherwise, the rejected declaration goes back to the supplier for additional information or corrections.


GoCompliance is preconfigured with:




Industry requirements


Substance library


PLM system integrations



Everything in one place
  • Multiple Roll-up engines

  • Updateable regulations, exemptions and substances

  • Create customizable reports with OPLA in Agile or OTBI in Cloud

  • User-Friendly Interface

  • Multiple specification compliance statuses visible in a single view

  • Imports for simplified compliance management​

  • Integrates with Oracle Cloud and Agile PLM

Detailed reporting to analyze risks
  • Parts with Compliance Issues

  • Suppliers

  • Effective Period Expiration

  • Convenient Report Exporting

Multiple User Roles
  • Compliance Managers

  • Suppliers

  • Read only Manager

  • Admin



Roll-up & Business Objects

  • Information on items, manufacturer parts, AMLs, suppliers, regulations & substances all in one place

  • Bottom-to-top roll-up


Parts with Compliance Issues_edited.jpg

Industries Affected

With GoCompliance in place, industries can achieve the following:


  • Stay organized and streamline compliance data

  • Updated and compliant with international requirements

  • Ensure effective supply management

  • Reduce time-to-market by streamlining compliance checks


 Cosmetic Industry - coming soon!


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